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5 Unexpected Businesses That Should Have An Arcade

5 Unexpected Businesses That Should Have An Arcade

In the arcade industry, the traditional model of a standard arcade game room is that of a large room filled wall-to-wall with the latest, greatest and the best of the classic arcade titles. But, as more and more small business owners get wise to the draw of arcade games, we’re seeing small arcades pop up in nontraditional places. The following are types of innovative entertainment establishments that could break the mold and incorporate arcade machines in creative ways. Could your business be next?

1. Bars

The barcade is hardly a new idea, and we’ve covered it on this blog before. However, there is a big difference between a normal bar with a few arcade games tossed like an afterthought into the back corner, and a bar that leans into the brightly-lit, retro aesthetic experience of arcade games to create a unique experience for their guests. Arcade games will give back what is put into them, and if you design your establishment so that patrons can get excited about the presence of the game, that is only going to mean increased revenue. 

2. Coffee shops

Much of the same opportunities as a bar, but with the added bonus of operating during the daytime. In addition to the late-night, intense environment, coffee shops can also capture a breezy, boardwalk feel. Plus, they’re more family friendly than a bar might be. An establishment that offered great coffee, yummy pastries, and classic arcade fun is sure to become a neighborhood staple in no time. 

3. Apartment buildings

These days, apartment complexes are coming up with all kinds of ways to attract tenants, and potential prospects are coming to expect more out of where they rent. Apartment buildings are now offering things like laundry rooms, business centers, dog parks, and pools. Why not make your rental property the hottest in town by adding a game room? Best of all, tenants will likely invite their friends who aren’t leasing from you over to play, creating new potential lessees. 

4. Luxury Vacation Rentals/Hotels

Another industry that thrives with added amenities, a game room is an easy addition to add luxury a short-term vacation rental for a resort feel. It’s also a great way to attract families to your establishment–parents will be grateful for a safe, convenient place for their kids to play. Imagine all the memories that will be made in your hotel’s game room, it’s something special that will entice visitors to come back. 

5. Laundromats

An arcade within a laundromat has so much potential. Patrons are already looking for something to do aside from watching their clothes go round and round, why not delight them with fast-paced fun in the form of arcade games. After all, combining laundromats with another type of business isn’t a new idea, but nowadays, tanning beds are so out of style. Arcade games are a great way to distinguish yourself from your local competition, and they can elevate an arcade from somewhere a customer dreads going, to something they look forward to every week on laundry day. 

With a little imagination, almost any business can benefit from the addition of an arcade selection. What’s great about it is that it has the potential to be anything from a fun addition to an otherwise normal establishment, or the cornerstone of your business. The possibilities are endless. Contact XXOO视频 today to start imagining the possibilities.