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For the past eighteen years I have lived in Bundanoon, NSW on rural acreage adjoining The Morton National Park, where the environment and our large parkland garden have been a continual source of inspiration.  Hopefully, by looking at my paintings the viewer may also relate to the vast horizons, clouds, mists, light effects, and the dynamic forces of nature, thus providing a further insight into his/her world, feelings and memories.  If this happens, then as an artist, I have achieved some meaning and value in my painting.

As an art student at RMIT I was influenced by Abstract Expressionism which was a mid 20th-Century art movement primarily in New York.  The artists of this movement expressed themselves through their emotions and attitudes, rather than traditional means, often using spontaneous abstract gestures on large canvasses.  So it was this sense of freedom and spontaneity that formed my painting 'style'.  I aim to express a feeling rather than a narrative, so by using the art elements and principles, such as;  colour, texture, movement, space and size as the 'subject matter' the work becomes open to individual interpretation. 

There are two questions I ask myself when I have completed a painting:  does it say something about my world, and does the brush-work or paint application have sufficient interest and integrity to be small abstract paintings in their own right?  If the answer is "yes" to both questions I have achieved some sense of 'truth' in my work.

Academic Qualifications:

 Bachelor of Fine Arts, RMIT, Melbourne (Major in Painting, Minor in Printmaking)

Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Canberra

Master Teacher Award, Stirling College, Canberra

Teaching Resume:

1979 - 1995

Visual Arts Teacher, Stirling College, Canberra

Master Teacher, Visual Arts, Stirling College, Canberra

Executive Teacher, Arts, Design and Hospitality, Stirling College, Canberra

Executive Officer, Schools Directorate, Department of Education, Canberra

Executive Teacher, Creative Arts, Public Relations, Canberra College

Artist Resume:


1979 - 1985    Group Exhibitions, Canberra

1996               Solander Gallery, Canberra, Solo

1997               Spiral Arm Gallery, Canberra, Solo

1999               Michael Comerford Gallery, Sydney

2002              Berrima District Gallery, Bowral

2006              Bell Gallery, Berrima

2007              The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral, Solo

2008              The Nude In The Gallery, Bowral

2009              Recent Works Artdeli, Bowral

2011                Art Trail, Southern Highlands

2012               Art Trail, Southern High;ands

2014               Beauty and Loss, Bowral Art Society, Bowral (with Reg Livermore)

2017               Where Are They Now? The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral


2011                Muswellbrook Art Prize, finalist

2011                Calleen Award, Cowra, finalist

2011                Blake Prize, finalist

2013               Canberra Centenary Scope Exhibition

2013               Calleen Award, Cowra, finalist


                       Southern Highlands, Sydney, Canberra, Victoria, USA