As a Fine Arts student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in the 60s I was fortunate to know the highly regarded arts patrons in Melbourne, John and Sunday Reed and on many occasions visited their home Heide and their beach house. During these times I immersed myself in art and enjoyed robust conversations about 'the world', culture and society together with other artists and students

The Reeds' gave me invaluable advice which I still apply to my work today, that is, as a female artist your artistic expression must come from your own world and experiences (given that there were only three females in a class of fourteen there was a dominant male 'style') and not to 'copy' others.  The other important advice was about the integrity of brushwork or paint application and although imagery is important at the end of the day the brushwork must have its own artistic merit and integrity.  

My earlier works were true to the above as they are now.   As a young artist most of my artworks were of the nude, female form;  large and dynamic images that surged across canvasses combining Abstract Expressionism with a strong feminist message. So it was, this sense of freedom and 'message' that formed my painting 'style'.  


For the past 18 years we have lived at Bundanoon, Southern Highlands on 8 hectares of land adjoining the Morton National Park where we have created a parkland garden.  The Highlands skies and landscapes are a source of wonder providing stimulus for my artworks.  I attempt to synthesise the art elements to create a sensory response rather than an objective representation.  Many paintings are interestingly made up of small painterly abstractions that could  be developed as artworks in their own right.

The very large canvasses reflect where I am now, that is, to embrace the ever changing and fleeting moments of nature by exploring 'space', nuance and even vulnerability.  Hopefully, this visual language connects with the worlds of others at a conscious or unconscious level.


 Bachelor of Fine Arts, RMIT, Melbourne (Major in Painting, Minor in Printmaking)

Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Canberra

Master Teacher Award, Stirling College, Canberra

Teaching Resume:

1979 - 1995

Master Teacher, Visual Arts, Stirling College, Canberra

Executive Officer, Schools Directorate, Department of Education, Canberra

Executive Teacher, Creative Arts, Canberra College

Artist Resume:


1979 - 1985    Group Exhibitions, Canberra

1996               Solander Gallery, Canberra, Solo

1997               Spiral Arm Gallery, Canberra, Solo

1999               Michael Comerford Gallery, Sydney

2002              Berrima District Gallery, Bowral

2006              Bell Gallery, Berrima

2007              The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral, Solo

2008              The Nude In The Gallery, Bowral

2009              Recent Works Artdeli, Bowral

2011                Art Trail, Southern Highlands

2012               Art Trail, Southern High;ands

2014               Beauty and Loss, Exhibition with Reg Livermore  Bowral

2017               Where Are They Now? The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral

2017               Art Trail, Southern Highlands


2011                Muswellbrook Art Prize, finalist

2011                Calleen Award, Cowra, finalist

2011                Blake Prize, finalist

2013               Canberra Centenary Scope Exhibition

2013               Calleen Award, Cowra, finalist


                       Southern Highlands, Sydney, Canberra, Victoria, USA

Feature article Reach for the Skies, HIGHLIFE MAGAZINE Oct - Nov 2017

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